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Producer - Director - Creator - Editor - Casting Director - Talent Manager

• Created all the content and music videos for Music Artist Youtube channel "Giselle Torres" with 1.2 billion views and 2.2 millions subscribers.

• Produced and directed 90 music videos for Youtube/VEVO channels.

• Created music videos for several young artists and helped develop their own Youtube Channels.

• Extensive experience in kids content and guidelines

• Managed all post-production aspects, including video editing.

• Oversaw logistical aspects from pre-production to post-production.

• Scheduled shoots and set up filming by communicating with talent and crew.

• Managed the casting process for actors and extras in the music videos. 


Youtube Asset Monetization Certified
Youtube Music Rights Management Certified
Youtube Content Ownership Certified
Youtube Music Certified

Youtube Channel: Giselle Torres

Produced, edited, directed 90 music videos with over 1 billion of views.  Music management, casting director and talent manager 

Youtube Kids Content (Music)

Created and managed kids pop group named "Give me 5" in 2011. Angelica produced, edited and directed music videos focusing in kids and youth audience. The first video has 440 million of views with a global audience. 

"Sorry to Future Me"
Series for Youtube

Produced "Sorry to Future Me" which was inspired by Giselle Torres's real-life teenage experiences to tell a story about young love and heartbreak and turn it into something no artist has done before.

Sorry to Future Me is a modern coming-of-age love story told through 5 songs which are connected through a mini series (5 videos). This whole story is set and was entirely shot in Brooklyn, NY and features iconic landmarks as well as local NYC talent. Produced, co-directed, edited and color graded by Angelica.

Content for Young Audience
Vlogs, Music and more

Created channels focused in kids and young audience
with young talented managed by Angelica.  Also produced,
edited and directed by Angelica.

Web Series and Comedy Sketches

Several web series and comedy sketches family
friendly with collaborations featuring actors, singers
and YouTube vloggers. One of them was selected by
Youtube for the Telemundo Awards "Premios Tu Mundo."

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