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About Me.

Angelica Torres: A Visionary Director/Producer with 30 Years of Experience


Angelica Torres is a highly accomplished Musical Theater and Television/Social Media Director/Producer and Talent Manager with an impressive career spanning over three decades. With a passion for teaching and a deep love for the performing arts, Angelica has made significant contributions to the theater, TV, film, and music video industries.


Originally from Mexico, Angelica's journey in the performing arts began with her exceptional talent as a jazz performer, winning multiple national competitions. Her passion for theater and dance led her to New York City, where she studied musical theater dance under the renowned Chet Walker. During this time, she participated in the legendary production "Viva El Paso!" for two years and went on to produce her first musicals, including the adaptation, production, direction, and choreography of Gershwin's "Crazy for You" at the young age of 23.


Angelica then moved to Mexico City, where she worked as Assistant Director and Producer for the Mexican production "Como Ama la Otra Mitad," alongside industry veterans Manolo Fabregas and Otto Sirgo. She also served as the choreographer for singer Paulina Rubio, including performances at Madison Square Garden and a national tour. At 26, Angelica relocated to Westchester, NY, where she created a successful musical theater program for the Recreation Department of the Village of Mamaroneck and various schools in the area. Additionally, she produced and directed a TV series for LMCT in Larchmont, NY, earning multiple Best Series Awards.


In Miami, FL, Angelica continued to leave her mark on the industry. She brought her Broadway Musical program to the Village of Key Biscayne, running for 18 years and producing over 35 musicals, including regional premieres and Disney's pilots. Her programs were immensely popular, introducing hundreds of children, young adults, and adults to the magic of theater. During this time, she formed the pop group "Give me 5" on YouTube, featuring three of her musical theater students, including her daughter, Giselle. The group achieved success and made it to the finals on the X factor, with their music videos going viral and amassing millions of views.


Angelica's talents extended beyond theater, as she ventured into music production, management, music videos, and YouTube content. Her daughter, Giselle Torres, embarked on a successful solo career, accumulating over 1.2 billion views on her YouTube channel, with Angelica leading the production efforts. In 2018, Angelica had the opportunity to pitch a sitcom idea for Comcast TV, which was chosen, leading her to create, develop, direct, produce, and edit two full seasons (26 episodes) of the acclaimed series "Five@305," currently airing via Comcast.


Currently, Angelica is running the BMT Entertainment Management Division, where she works with actors, singers, and social creators to help shape their careers in film, TV, commercials, theater, voice-over, and music. She divides her time between Los Angeles, CA, and Brooklyn, NY, managing her daughter's career and overseeing BMT Productions, which encompasses music videos, films, TV projects, and musicals.


Angelica's dedication to nurturing young talent and sharing her love for the arts remains unwavering. She continues to create, manage, and inspire the next generation of performers, leaving an indelible impact on the entertainment industry.

Work History


Talent Manager

Vydia/VEVO Talent Manager

  • Developing and shaping music and acting careers.

  • Working with actors, performers and musicians to help them grow their career and planning a path.

  • Creating social media, music videos and platforms.

  • Looking opportunities for actors in TV, Film and Theater.

  • Talent Manager  for singers in Vydia - VEVO

  • Creating VEVO channels and producing content for singers.

  • Connecting professionals to work with our talent in music, music videos and branding.

  • Working in collaboration with Sosa Projects exclusive for influencers

  • Brand deals and collaborations.


Youtube Music Videos Producer/Director/Editor

BMT Productions


Five@305 TV Show - COMCAST

BMT Productions

Created all the content and music videos for Music Artist Youtube channel Giselle Torres with 1.2 billion views and 2.2 millions subscribers.

• Produced and directed 90 music videos for Youtube/VEVO channels. • Created music videos for several young artists and helped develop their own Youtube Channels.

• Managed all post-production aspects, including video editing.

• Oversaw logistical aspects from pre-production to post-production.

• Scheduled shoots and set up filming by communicating with talent and crew.

• Managed the casting process for actors and extras in the music videos. 

• Developed and created a new sitcom series for Comcast TV called "Five@305".

• Directed and Produced 2 seasons of "Five@305" sitcom for Comcast TV26 episodes (30 min.)

• Developed project budgets and managed production costs.

• Revised and co-wrote the scripts with four screenwriters which were presented to the network.

• Managed auditions and casting process.

• Developed schedules for production, editing & duplication for timely delivery.

• Collaborated with network executives to propel organization's mission & vision.

• Edited and directed episodic documentary content from assembly to final cut.

• Chose locations for films to be shot, including setting of individual scenes, angles of cameras and gestures used by actors

• Conducted rehearsal prior to filming to stimulate actors' emotions & creativity.

• Operated industry-standard cameras, lighting and photography equipment and various job-related computer software, including Premiere Pro.

• Oversaw post-production process, including editing, special effects, music selection and performance's overall tone. 

2004 - 2020

Broadway Musical Theatre

Producer/ Director/Choreographer/Talent Manager

Key Biscayne, Fl

• Created a Performing Arts program for the Key Biscayne Community Center incorporating triple threat training for students 5 to 17 yrs old and adults.

• Directed and produced 32 musicals with young artists and adults. Productions included Community Theater productions involving guest actors and adults to Jr. Version productions with young actors.

• Developed and produced a theatrical pilot stage production of "Aladdin DLE" for Disney Theatricals.

• Experienced in every aspect of production and design including: lighting, set design, costumes design, audio design.

• Trained both staff and students in all technical positions.

• Coordinated and led meetings with instructors and production crew to keep program in step with creative vision.

• Reviewed scripts to determine most appropriate methods to use for directing both actors and crew members.

• Remained highly composed and calm in fast-paced, stressful and constantly changing environment to provide optimal leadership & achieve desired results.

• Observed tight deadlines and strict budgetary controls to avoid waste and streamline costs.

2011 - Present

Casting Director

  • Managed the casting process for actors and extras in the 90 music videos.

  • Casting Director “Island Dreams” Cannes Short Selection 

  • Casting Director “Five@305” regulars, supporting and extras (26 episodes)

  • Casting Director “2 of a Kind” Web Series - Screened at the Egyptian Theater as official selection.

2022 - Present

Queens Theater Director for TSA program

• Performing arts education program this summer for neuro-diverse students

• After school Musical Theatre programs for First and CASA CentreStage Workshop for non English speakers 


Program for Mamaroneck and

Larchmont Public Schools and Vilage of Mamaroneck Recreation Center.

• Created a Performing Arts program for the After School programs incorporating triple threat training for students 6 to 12 years old

•  Directed and produced end of the semester festivals and community performances.


Director and Choreographer

Royal Solaris Caribbean - Cancun, MX

• Directed and choreographed shows and live performances weekly.

•  Created new ideas and shows weekly and trained the actors/dancers.


Choreographer and performer

Paulina Rubio International Tour

Mexico, DF

• Choreographed Paulina Rubio's tour and performances for "Planeta Paulina" EP

•  International tour, including Madison Square Garden concert.


Director and Producer Assistant

"Como Ama la Otra Mitad"

Manolo Fabegras Productions

Mexico, DF

• Production Assistant of Manolo Fabregas

•  Director Assistant of Otto Sirgo


Choreographer and Dance instructor

Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey

Cd. Juarez, Chih

• Produced and Directed "CATS" with students at Benito Juarez Auditorium

•  Teacher Artist (Dance) of students 15-17 years old

• Choreographer of 50 th Anniversary of the school celebration


Viva El Paso! Performer

El Paso, TX

• Two seasons performer as principal dancer





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